Green Roof Installation

Green Roof Installation

Service Overview

We provide our clients with all the range of services. We will fix any malfunction in record terms so you will have no worries! We offer a huge number of services and all green roofing work is done by experts using the latest technologies. Matt Goff Roofing and Painting is here to meet your every green roof demand so you could have no worries about your home!

All you need to do is contact our representative via contact form or email and describe what is your issue. We will consult you and provide with the list of works that will need to be done.

Our expert will visit you at the most convenient time for you.

We provide all the materials. Price list of the materials can be found on our website. Our manager will answer all your questions.

Matt Goff Green Roofing guarantees quality of work and speed of fulfillment.

We always stand for doing our job fast and at the highest level as we understand people value their time and money.

Our experts also can do even non-standard work!, so you need to discuss it with our representative.

We work to fulfill our goal – to provide our clients with the most complete list of services. We aim to expand our team of experts as there are more and more spheres of maintenance that we want to work with.

Please contact us for further details!


Every Green Roofing project can actually end up saving a lot of expenses. You might want to check with your city and your property owners association to see if it’s possible to do this sort of eco-friendly roof. Quotes include include such items as materials and labor. Materials, can include, our layering membrane to protect your roof from water damage, plants, plumbing materials, paint and many other. If you need to  make a calculation of your future renovation project, please give us a call or email us, and our manager will help you with this issue.

Depending on the size of the Green Roof  project we aspire to get it done in a day! We pride ourselves on the speed and comfort of our service. We also know that you need someone you can depend on when it rain, snows, hails, or sleets. We want you to know that if your green roof needs maintenance, or a complete green roof install / replacement: We strive to have it done in a timely manner, so that you can get back to your life! Matt Goff Roofing & Painting has several roofing crews and state of the art technology to help ease the process of any roofing issues you may have.

The total budget may vary as sizes of Green Roofs are very different. It would be hard to give you an accurate quote without assessing first-hand what needed to be repaired. If you need detailed calculation of materials and work, please contact our Customer Service Department and schedule an  appointment for a free consultation.

Green Roofing or painting projects can be initiated by the clients. If you need to reconstruct your green roof whether it be commercial or residential you’ll need to provide time for us to schedule an appointment to make an onsite inspection. Both parties will need to approve the project and budget as negotiated and then we’ll start working.

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